We make partnerships easy

At The Sports Corp, we make partnerships easy. We take the time to understand your business and marketing objectives to ensure your partnership aligns with your business & its values, to give you every opportunity to gain a strong return on your investment.

Our highly experienced team can assist your business with a number of different Partnership types such as: Corporate partnerships, Charity Partnerships, Community Partnerships, Ambassadorships as well as Partnership Management Services.

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Corporate Partnerships

At The Sports Corp, we’re specialists in crafting the perfect, well-aligned corporate partnership to achieve the objectives you’re looking for when it comes to your business marketing. Our team has experience across all tiers of corporate entities, including international and national and local with Coca Cola Amatil, Hertz and Turner Freeman Lawyers to name a few.

Our corporate partnership opportunities are customised to suit your brand, and can vary from digital advertising, social media, corporate hospitality and even game day activations.

Speak to us today about your next corporate partnership.

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Charity Partnerships

A strategic Charity Partnership can go well beyond that of a simple donation. With The Sports Corp, we can enlighten you and your business about the many different ways you can leverage a Charity Partnership.

From funding a program, becoming an event partner of a charity’s event or sponsoring a room within a facility, we can assist you in achieving your marketing objectives while demonstrating your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) simultaneously. After all, business and charity go hand in hand. 

Enquire about our Charity Partnerships today.

Community Partnerships

In business, community is at the heart of everything you do. A group of people living in the same place will always have particular characteristics in common. This is a key reason why Community Partnerships can be incredibly successful ventures, for both parties. 

When it comes to Community Partnerships, The Sports Corp have a number of ways in which we source and propose the perfect opportunities. Whether it’s a local, grassroots team sponsorship, or the sponsorship of a community program, the possibilities are endless.

Take the next step to change your community today with The Sports Corp.

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At The Sports Corp, we offer comprehensive Ambassadorship Programs should you be looking to partner your business with a player, media personality or influencer who shares similar values and outlook similar to that of your brand. 

The opportunities an Ambassadorship can carry for your business include appearances, social media promotion and endorsement and much more. Our extensive network of athletes across Football, Rugby League, Motorsport and Boxing to name a few can deliver the perfect level of exposure for your brand. A worthwhile investment, all taken care of by our highly experienced team.

Get ahead of your competitors and talk to us today about our Ambassadorship Programs.

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Partnerships Management

For those with a new or existing Partnership, The Sports Corp offer a comprehensive managed service, ensuring you get the most out of your new partnership venture, without adding to your workload. For the closer part of a decade, we’ve managed hundreds of partnerships across all tiers, groups and levels.

The Partnerships we’ve managed have ranged from minor to major one off campaigns to season-long and results based partnerships. Many don’t understand the importance of quality implementation behind activating a partnership, to achieve the most from it. With our extensive experience spanning across traditional assets like hospitality & signage to more detailed assets like community initiatives such as activations & pay it forwards, nobody understands Partnerships Management like The Sports Corp.

Enquire about our Partnerships Management services today.

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